Uniting Data Platform is a 100% open source Hadoop distribution based on the Apache Bigtop. We deliver on a promise of fast, green Big Data analytics leveraging the potential of the multicore clusters and providing tight integration with HPC solutions.

Fast, green Big data analytics

on multicore clusters

Hadoop is a new way for enterprises to store and analyze data.

Two key services: reliable data storage using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and high-performance parallel data processing using a technique called MapReduce. Hadoop runs on a collection of commodity, shared-nothing servers. You can add or remove servers in a Hadoop cluster at will; the system detects and compensates for hardware or system problems on any server. Hadoop, in other words, is self-healing. It can deliver data and can run large-scale, high-performance processing jobs in spite of system changes or failures | MORE
Bigtop is a project developing packaging and tests for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

The primary goal of Bigtop is to build a community around the packaging and interoperability testing of Hadoop-related projects. This includes testing at various levels (packaging, platform, runtime, upgrade, etc...) developed by a community with a focus on the system as a whole, rather than individual projects. | MORE
Powered by Bigtop. We offer our enterprise customers a family of services including technical training, architectural services and technical support.
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